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Are you sober or sober curious? Listen to the Alcohol Tipping Point podcast to learn about the different ways alcohol can impact your physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Hosted by ...more

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June 19, 2024 01:04:54
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Three Years, No Beers: How My Brother Stays Alcohol Free

My brother, Chris Shipley, returns to the podcast to talk about being alcohol free for over three years. I love these special episodes with...



June 12, 2024 01:06:23
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What AA Skeptics Can Learn From the 12 Steps with Arlina Allen

Arlina Allen is a Certified Sobriety Coach & Hypnotist, The Founder of Sober Life School, and Host of the award-winning podcast “The One Day...



June 05, 2024 00:49:53
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Pride Without Pints: Ali Press’s Alcohol-Free Journey

On today’s episode, I'm joined by Ali Press, a UK-based therapeutic coach. Ali embarked on their alcohol-free journey in 2017, a challenge they describe...


May 31, 2024 00:19:11
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Quit Drinking Quickie: Listen to This if You’re Struggling to Release Drinking, Shame, Regret, and the Past

In today’s episode, I'm honored to share part of an inspiring story from one of our group members, Sarah Davenport. Sarah speaks wisely about ...



May 29, 2024 00:50:36
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Overcoming Overdrinking with Lindsay Sutherland Boal

On the show today is Lindsay Sutherland Boal Founder of SHE WALKS CANADA and the Uncovery App. In 2021, Lindsay founded She Walks Canada...



May 22, 2024 01:00:11
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How to Quit Drinking and Stay Sober: Making Sobriety Stick with Casey Mcguire Davidson

On the show today is a return guest and friend, Casey McGuire Davidson. Casey is a Life & Sobriety Coach and the host of...