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Are you sober or sober curious? Listen to the Alcohol Tipping Point podcast to learn about the different ways alcohol can impact your physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Hosted by ...more

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July 17, 2024 00:55:49
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How Meditation Can Help You Change Your Drinking with Rory Kinsella

On the podcast today all the way from Australia is Rory Kinsella, a meditation teacher, sober coach and founder of Wise Monkey Way. He’s...



July 10, 2024 00:50:51
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Finding Alcohol Freedom in Your Golden Years: It’s Never Too Late to Change with Peggi Cooney

Peggi Cooney is an author, speaker and sobriety advocate. She holds a Masters of Social Work and has 26 years of experience in Child...



July 03, 2024 00:42:45
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How to Make Dry July Not Suck with Hilary Sheinbaum

Doing Dry July and want to make it a successful month? Listen to this episode with Hilary Sheinbaum. Hilary is a journalist, the founder...


June 28, 2024 00:30:07
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BEST OF: How to Successfully Take a Break from Drinking: Lessons learned from running three years of Alcoholidays

It’s been three years of running the monthly dry groups I call Alcoholidays. I'm re-airing this "best of" episode where I share what makes...



June 26, 2024 00:37:30
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Damp Drinking, Dry Month, Soberish? Understanding the Different Approaches to Drink Less or Not at All

Are you doing Dry July? Confused by all the terms surrounding drinking habits—like ‘soberish,’ ‘dry,’ ‘damp,’ ‘sober curious,’ and ‘mindful drinking’? Join us as...



June 19, 2024 01:04:54
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Three Years, No Beers: How My Brother Stays Alcohol Free

My brother, Chris Shipley, returns to the podcast to talk about being alcohol free for over three years. I love these special episodes with...