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Are you sober or sober curious? Listen to the Alcohol Tipping Point podcast to learn about the different ways alcohol can impact your physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Hosted by ...more

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April 03, 2024 00:57:18
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Unravelling The Different Types of Non-Alcoholic Drinks and How They Can Help You Drink Less or Not at All with Michelle Houston

If you’ve been confused or overwhelmed with all the non-alcoholic drink options out there, listen to this podcast episode. Michelle Houston is here to...



March 27, 2024 00:47:29
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How to Thrive Alcohol Free with Dupe Witherick

Today, I’ve got a special guest all the way from the UK—Dupe Witherick. She’s an accredited alcohol-free well-being and transformational coach, and she’s got...



March 20, 2024 00:50:39
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How One Dad Transformed His Life Without Drinking: Todd Kinney’s Discovery That Everything Is Better Without Alcohol

Todd Kinney is an attorney who lives in Omaha, NE with his wife, four kids and two wiener dogs. In his free time, he...



March 13, 2024 00:44:57
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Quit Drinking and Get Your Power Back with Wynne Melland, Licensed Professional Counselor

Wynne Melland, a Licensed Professional Counselor with 17 years of experience, leverages her expertise in leading behavior change groups and her own personal journey....



March 06, 2024 01:08:35
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Navigating Menopause and Alcohol Effects with Jane Hutchens, PhD

This episode is long overdue—it’s what I affectionately refer to as the Menopause Episode. While it’s undoubtedly valuable for women, it’s equally essential for...



February 28, 2024 00:58:35
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You Are Not Alone: Loneliness, Suicide, Shame, and the Way Forward with Jinhyun Shin

Jinhyun Shin is a mental wellness entrepreneur and coach looking to normalize mental health. He is one of the founders of the mental health...