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Are you sober or sober curious? Listen to the Alcohol Tipping Point podcast to learn about the different ways alcohol can impact your physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Hosted by ...more

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August 09, 2023 00:56:03
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Alcohol Problems, Weight Loss Surgery, and Making Big Changes: Unraveling the Connection with Registered Dietitian Kyle Kamp

In this eye-opening episode, we delve into the connection between alcohol, weight loss surgery, and making any significant life changes. My special guest today...



August 02, 2023 00:54:57
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Alternative Approaches to Changing Your Drinking with Alysa Rushton

If you are looking for more alternative ways to change your drinking and heal yourself, check out this episode with Alysa Rushton. You will...



July 26, 2023 00:22:34
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Do This Instead of Drinking: A Simple Tool to Help You

In this episode, I'll show you a simple tool that can help you decide whether you want to drink or not. It's called a...



July 19, 2023 00:45:27
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What My Brother Learned from Two Years of Not Drinking

In this special episode of Alcohol Tipping Point, I talk to my brother Chris, who is celebrating his two-year anniversary of quitting drinking. We...



July 12, 2023 00:54:17
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How Medications Can Help You Drink Less with Dr. Paul Linde

Are you curious about the different types of medications to help reduce cravings, drink less and manage withdrawal symptoms? Listen to this episode to...



July 05, 2023 00:39:49
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Getting Sober in Your Twenties with Madeline Forrest

What’s it like to give up drinking in your “party” years? How can you live your best life sober? Madeline Forrest is on the...

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