Start Here: 7 Day Alcohol Free Challenge- Prep work

November 14, 2021 00:13:41
Start Here: 7 Day Alcohol Free Challenge- Prep work
Alcohol Tipping Point
Start Here: 7 Day Alcohol Free Challenge- Prep work

Nov 14 2021 | 00:13:41


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Deb Masner

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Take a 7-day guided break from drinking. I’m going to cover the first 7 days of going alcohol free in a special series of the podcast. This is for you if you know you need a break from drinking but you’re not ready to stop forever. You've tried “Dry January” but can’t seem to make it through the first few days. You need more tools for dealing with common triggers like cravings, stress, anxiety, and socializing. You want to enjoy your break from alcohol. You need daily accountability to stay on track. Anyone who could use a break from drinking.

Here’s how it works:

During the next seven days we will release an episode of the Alcohol Tipping Point to guide you through your time off the sauce. You’ll learn how to battle cravings, change your thoughts about drinking, and have fun without alcohol.  All of the ideas are designed to support your overall health & well-being not just your relationship with alcohol.

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