How to Stay Sober with Wendy Tangen-Foster

Episode 56 April 15, 2022 00:49:21
How to Stay Sober with Wendy Tangen-Foster
Alcohol Tipping Point
How to Stay Sober with Wendy Tangen-Foster

Apr 15 2022 | 00:49:21


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Deb Masner

Show Notes

My friend, from back in my Moscow, Idaho days, joins the show to share her sober journey. Wendy Tangen-Foster is a violinist, teacher, and all-around lovely person. She finally gave up alcohol after a meaningful conversation (that also turned into something more) and is 4.5 years sober. Wendy talks about how AA was helpful for her to find connection and support. We talk about how it’s important to find your own way and take what you need from various approaches to sobriety. Wendy also shares what helps her stay alcohol free. 

“No matter how far down the road you’ve gone you’re still the same distance from the ditch.” 

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