Small Town Life and Drinking

Episode 5 April 07, 2021 00:43:18
Small Town Life and Drinking
Alcohol Tipping Point
Small Town Life and Drinking

Apr 07 2021 | 00:43:18


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Deb Masner

Show Notes

Debbie interviews Megan O'Laughlin, Mindfulness Instructor, Counselor and fellow small town friend. They discuss growing up in a small college town where drinking is the norm. Megan shares her experiences with drinking as an exchange student in Finland and not drinking as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gambia. Megan has some insightful thoughts and tips about behavioral change when it comes to quitting drinking. They talk about how finding a sober life was a PROCESS for both of them. Like most things that are really important, it takes time to make changes and to create new habits. Behavioral change is hard. Setbacks are not failures, they are opportunities for growth. 

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