Payne to Purpose- Beau Payne shares his powerful story

Episode 26 September 08, 2021 00:49:11
Payne to Purpose- Beau Payne shares his powerful story
Alcohol Tipping Point
Payne to Purpose- Beau Payne shares his powerful story

Sep 08 2021 | 00:49:11


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Deb Masner

Show Notes

Must listen! Beau Payne started life as a promising professional baseball player drafted by the Florida Marlins. Numbing years of trauma, his life got derailed by alcohol, drugs, and prison stints. We talk about it all- baseball, childhood trauma, prison life, the culture of the military, and most importantly redemption and recovery. Beau demonstrates why you can never judge someone from the outside and you never know what is going on behind closed doors. He shows us anyone could end up in the gutter, but everyone can rise from the ashes to survive and thrive again.  

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