How to Stop Drinking Alcohol: Interview with Mark Holmes

Episode 44 January 19, 2022 00:50:10
How to Stop Drinking Alcohol: Interview with Mark Holmes
Alcohol Tipping Point
How to Stop Drinking Alcohol: Interview with Mark Holmes

Jan 19 2022 | 00:50:10


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Deb Masner

Show Notes

Mark Holmes, Alcohol Addiction CBT Therapist and Founder of the Addiction Help Agency, joins the podcast to talk about his new book: Holmes's Complete Guide to Stop Drinking Alcohol. 

Mark shares unconventional ways in how to start changing your drinking gently. He reminds us that it is possible to solve your drinking problem. 

Holmes's Complete Guide to Stop Drinking Alcohol will transform any negative into positive thinking whilst building your self-esteem and, most importantly, nurturing your self-compassion to remove the pain of any guilt or shame you have been living with. Ultimately, it will give you the courage and confidence to redefine yourself in a happier and brighter world.” 


Find Mark Holmes: 
Holmes's Complete Guide To Stop Drinking Alcohol by Mark Holmes 

Live 1:1 Online CBT Therapy To Stop Drinking - Available 6pm - 10pm PST 

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Addiction Help Agency 


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